Exciting Tours

The very serene and peaceful property is most suited to people looking for a different experience.
Guests are encouraged to identify in this rich environment, the vast amount of plants, flowers and fruits.

Davie Estate Ltd., who owns and manages the property, provides fruits for local and regional markets.

During the tour, guests may have the opportunity to see how employees of Davie Estate Ltd. are working in the fields.

This extensive property is rich with over 40 different varieties of exotic fruits such as mango, passion fruit, wax apples, dounce, carambola, guava, banana, plantain, sour sop, orange, grape fruit, lime, sugar apple, plum, cherry, golden apple, avocado, sapodilla…

Ground provisions are also cultivated including different varieties of yam, dasheen and sweet potatoes.

Flowers such as Baliazier and Bird of Paradise can be found growing in their natural state.


Tour guests enjoy local fruits and local juice.

Temporary Changes Due to Christmas 2013 Storm

Duration of the tour:
    The tour includes driving through different plantations and the rainforest. We are unable to drive to the river at the moment.
    The tour takes 2 hours, transfer time to and from accommodation/port not included.

Capacity per tour:
    Maximum 4 ATV's
    2 persons per pike possible (Maximum 9 guests)
    Maximum weight per ATV: 350 Lbs / 160 kg

Transport can be provided (min 2 persons), with exception of Soufriere area.